You Can Make Everything You Want Come True – With Maria Sipka

Mid August Jared Goralnick, Productivity Evangelist (and Founder) of Away Find visited me in Barcelona after being introduced by a common friend. After 35 minutes of sharing our stories, sitting in a back street bar in Ravel sipping a fresh juice, he said “I have to introduce you to Andrew Warner from Mixergy!” A month later I had one of the most inspiring interviews of my life.

Andrew asked his audience what the title should be and after listening 60 minutes to a very raw and intimate interview, one listener suggested ‘You Can Make Everything You Want Come True – with Maria Sipka‘.

Andrew wrote…”What I think is most inspiring about Maria is how she sees a goal and systematically finds a way to achieve it. I’d sum up her approach using a quote that I pulled from the interview: “Who you become depends on the books that you read and the people that you meet.”

When she started a marketing consulting company, she gobbled up every book on sales that she could. When she got into real estate, she turned to an investor who was further ahead than she was for advice. As you listen to her story, you’ll see how much you can achieve with the right influences.”

Here’s a link to the audio.

  1. tops oloja said:

    I read the mixergy raw transcript this morning. Though long, i couldn't put it down. Wanted to let you know that I found the story so inspiring! Wish you the best.

  2. Thanks Tops for your kind words and feedback. I'm really touched that you spent the time reading the interview. Warm regards Maria

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