27.8% of time spent online is in online communities. Virgin territory for brands?

From the 1.7 billion people online, 4.4% of time is spent searching and 27.8% is spent in online communities. What’s astonishing about these figures, is that where people spend time online, with the exception of online communities, is decreasing rapidly. And yet, the billions of advertising dollars are injected into search.

Mark Zuckerberg put his finger on it. He recently said “Communities already exist. Instead, think about how you can help that community do what it wants to do.”

So what exactly does a community want to do? Simple. Every community wants to maximise the quality of experience of as many members as possible. This could be achieved through vibrant, active discussions, compelling and engaging content, sponsorships and partnerships with access to exclusive offerings, opportunities to get to know other members. The list goes on.

Recently at the Lift2010 conference in Geneva, 37 curious people gained insights into how brands can successfully participate in multiple online communities that may not necessarily be their own. This is virgin territory and whilst brands are sold on the concept, they lack the ‘how’.

The presentation and video explore:
• Evolution of online communities
• Approaches brands have taken to engage with online communities
• Opportunities and challenges brands face when engaging with online communities

Online Communities: How brands are edging their way into the heart of the conversation 

View more presentations from Maria Sipka.Lift10 brands and communities from netinfluenceChannel on Vimeo.Thanks to Nicolas Fermont from NetInfluence who whipped this video together in 10 minutes.


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