Insights from first community engagement campaigns through the Linqia platform

This week we released our first community engagement campaign through the Linqia platform for e-dreams and Switzerland Tourism. They were small campaigns with the primary purpose to test the platform and validate our assumptions as to how each stakeholder would use the platform.

Let me just say that it was an incredible experience and no matter how much you plan and ‘think’ about all the workflows and features behind closed doors – nothing beats the real world taking your platform for a spin.

Over the past 3 weeks, we’ve integrated 6 social networks reaching 17’118’265 people through 8,636 groups mainly in Spain. Searching for a topic will likely yield a few or a lot of results. Here are some search terms and number of groups that were found:

E-dreams chose to inform target groups of travelers around the best airports in Spain. They provided trackable links to their blog Los Mejores Aeropuertos de Espana, an image charting the results of the study and some additional information. Two groups were selected on the SigoJoven platform reaching a total of 190 members. Sigojoven’s community manager chose to integrate the campaign into one of their groups:

The results within 24 hours:

  • 135 people visited the story
  • 15 people clicks on the content leading them to the e-dreams blog post

Now consider the following, when multiplying such a campaign across dozen’s if not 100’s of groups:

  • Social networks increase their visibility amongst advertisers
  • Groups receive compelling, interesting and relevant content that is crafted by their group leader in their own tone of voice
  • Group leaders feel privileged to be approached by brands to engage their members
  • Members have the opportunity to engage around content that they are interested in – content that lives in the heart of the conversation and not on the side typically reserved for banner advertisements
  • The content lives in the groups almost forever and continues generating engagement and clicks
  • Groups continue to attract new members who often review previous posts
  • The Social network and the advertiser positively affect their SEO (within 24 hours the SigoJoven is appearing in google search for Los Mejores Aeropuertos de Espana) see results below

Switzerland Tourism also activated their ‘free city iphone app‘ campaign through local Barcelona agency CyberClick. Whilst it’s still early days, what we would like to share is how groups crafted the content provided by Switzerland Tourism. The focus of the campaign was to provide free iphone applications to various cities in Switzerland and to support the conversation, 5 conversation sparkers were provided along with supporting information, images and links.

Here is how SigoJoven integrated the campaign into one of their groups reaching 7,500 members:

The results within 24 hours:

  • 137 people visited the story
  • 12 people clicks on the download page

And here is how social network Yumping integrated the campaign with a completely different approach:

We still aren’t ready to go prime time yet and our reach is limited to Spain and latin America with some groups in other parts of the world, however if you would like a demo of the Linqia platform please contact us or simply request an invitation.


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