TED’s message to advertisers: reinvent, inspire and engage audiences

With the emergence of the social web and low engagement rates from traditional advertisements, the pressure has been increasing for advertisers to be more inspiring, educational, informative and entertaining.

So imagine a future where advertisers and consumers are part of the same community, sharing ideas and engaging in a learning cycle, together.

TED recently announced their ‘Ads Worth Spreading‘ initiative.

Some people have an instinctive dislike of corporations and hate all marketing messages of any kind. But if you care about a better future, then corporations have to be part of that conversation. One way or another, they have a giant impact on the world. At our conferences, we engage with some of the world’s biggest corporations in a constructive way. We’d like ongoing engagement on our website too — and we’d like you to be part of it.

The challenge was created to solicit ads that raise the bar, elevate the craft and invent new forms of online engagement. In an engaging, compelling way TED captivated us to spend a good hour watching the various advertisements (who would have thought!).

Here’s our three favorites (unfortunately TED does not enable video embed):

Pepsi refresh project
The Girl Effect: The Clock is Ticking

“Because they run after the talks, we can let these ads run longer than a standard 30-second TV spot. That allows them to adopt a different tone. Less marketing spin, more authentic story-telling. We’re excited at the possibility of the emergence of a new, longer form of communication that is more human and more compelling.

So imagine when communities make it a goal for sponsored content to be integrated into the community that enhances and builds on the existing community experience. Where advertisers or business partners are able to engage in a dialog with the community members based on creativity, authenticity, and a shared pursuit of the community’s purpose.


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