Social networking, photo sharing and community activities on the rise

Brands looking to engage with the European consumer will find comScore’s 2010 European Digital Year in Review a must read. Social Networking sites have eclipsed most other activities and are a magnet for consumers to while away their day with 34 percent more time spent social networking versus last year. Sharing photos and participating in community activities are amongst the three leading categories.

Other interesting statistics:

  • Approximately four out of every ten internet sessions included a visit to a social networking site.
  • In the UK and France, total display ad impressions on social networking sites grew by 47 and 64 percent, respectively, while in Germany that number more than doubled.
  • In December 2010, viewers from Germany, the UK, and Spain spent more time watching online videos than those in the US, averaging 18.0, 17.0, and 16.2 hours respectively.
  • Smartphone ownership increased 9.5 percentage points in Europe during 2010 to 31.1 percent
  • IAB Europe reports that internet advertising is approaching a 20-percent share of total advertising spend, almost doubling its share over the last two years.

Whilst display advertising and click rates are increasing, brands are experimenting with various other platforms and tools to reach and engage consumers across social networking sites.


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