SEO budgets to increase by 20% on social sites: is this an opportunity for brands to finally engage?

Covario estimates many advertisers would be spending 10% to 20% of their pay-per-click budgets on Facebook next year, giving the social networking site a major share of that market.

According to Nielsen, web users devoted 23% of their time online to social networking sites this past year, which is forcing advertisers to shift their advertising spend to social networks.

So if web users are spending 23% of their time in social networking sites, do they really want to be advertised to with Facebook ads? Surely there must be more effective ways for advertisers to spend their dollars that gives them a bigger bang for their buck.

The simple fact is, people are engaging with their friends, around content and ‘participating’ in social activities. Their precious attention becomes immune to advertisements intended to lure them into buying a product or service.

If advertisers are looking to increase their SEO effectiveness, they need to figure out ways to become part of the conversation – which ranks much higher than any advertisement temporarily living in the sidelines of premium social real estate. Search for any topic and the chances are, you’ll find a conversation thread in a forum or a blog post.


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