Case study: Wool And The Gang and the Activagers Community

Our team recently launched an engagement campaign for the American fashion brand Wool and the Gang. They offer do-it-yourself knitting kits and free video tutorials to make it easier to create the perfect piece. They were looking to create brand awareness and drive traffic to their website and provided selected groups trackable links to their website, images of their kits and a video tutorial. The members of the participating groups also received an exclusive 15% discount on a chosen kit.

One of the communities was Activagers managed by Russ King and a great example of how a community manager can effectively engage with members. Activagers is a community for people over 40 and is present in many European countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and the UK. Apart from all the typical features of a community Activagers supplements these with a magazine, in which interesting news is regularly shared in addition to running a travel portal. They have more than 30 000 members and are growing rapidly.

Activagers decided to engage with their members in several ways. First, they created a completely new group titled ‘Creative Design’ where members were encouraged to share their opinion on the subject.

Links led the members to an informative and interesting article on knitting and the role it plays in today’s fashion, always encouraging the members to express their thoughts.

In addition to the community, Activagers also chose to use additional channels to engage with members. This enabled them to reach members who may not enter the community regularily, but still interested in engaging with the content.

Ultimately Activagers were so inspired by Wool and the Gang that they decided to interview the founder, Lisa Sabrier and include it in their online magazine!

These examples show how a niche community, with a bit of creativity and will to engage with their members through fresh and interesting content, can achieve fantastic results. The secret lies in knowing what your members will find interesting, share it in a natural way that doesn’t disturb the ecosystem of the community and using different channels. Activagers received a welcoming response from their members and in short time overachieved on their estimated clicks and received their full earnings and a high group rank.



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