Linqia case study: 20,581 people engage with Moonit and their Love Calculator

Moonit, a New York based company offering Daily relationship horoscopes and Compatibility test through astrology approached Linqia to run several engagement campaigns to create awareness around their recently launched application. 24 online groups reaching close to 2 million people across multiple social networking platforms in the Spanish speaking market were invited to participate offering their members to try the Love Calculator for free.

The online groups selected focused on singles, students, love, friendship and the gay community.

Here are some examples on how the group leaders shared Moonit’s content with their members:

Erasmusu, a community for exchange students across Europe, were creative and fun in sharing Moonit content in their various sub groups (“Real maths are hard, “Love maths” are cool”), making it relevant to their members and using several social channels:

The Infosingles community also shared the content in different ways and in multiple channels using both their community, Facebook page, Twitter and newsletter list:

Shangay, a leading Spanish gay community also loved the idea of Moonit and wanted to share it with their members. They selected the banner content and wrote an article explaining the Moonit concept:

Festuc is a community targeting young people interested in nightlife, love and friendship. The community leader shared Moonit in the community and also included the application in their weekly newsletter reaching over 400 000 people!

The combination of Moonit’s engaging content and creative and active group leaders gave fantastic results to all of the 24 participating groups who over-performed on their estimated clicks!

20,581 individuals have engaged with Moonit across these campaigns, which is 5,584 over the estimated 14,977 engagements Linqia was promising to deliver. Advertising partners launching campaigns through the Linqia platform only pay on performance and any engagement delivered over the estimated clicks are free!


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