Community Spotlight: Marianna of Green Mama’s Pad

Marianna Nichols loves the New Jersey Devils, her iPhone, reading Star Wars novellas and all things green. A successful blogger and busy mom, when Marianna’s twins turned five months old she started investigating the products she was using. She set out on a “green journey.” She made different purchasing decisions for her family including organic, natural and toxin-free products. Marianna worked with Linqia recently to share the Green Works “Reverse Graffiti” story with her community. We sat down with Marianna (virtually) to ask her a few questions. Find out what inspires Marianna, her goals for her community, and why members keep coming back.

What inspired you to start your community? 

Being “green” is something that is very important to me and so I started in hopes to share easy tips to help others live more green.

Why is your community meaningful for you?

I love having other like-minded people to interact with. I sometimes feel like I am the only one in my little corner of CT that cares about healthy eating and green living, so being able to talk with others across the country who feel the same is pretty awesome.

What do your members value?

I think my members/readers value honesty and personal conversations. A good mix of both brand related conversations and personal conversations is important to them.

What has been your experience engaging with brands in the past?

I have been blogging for over three years now and have worked with a fair amount of brands. I really enjoy promoting a brand that I believe in and sharing them with my community.

What are your future goals for your community?

Of course I would love to see my community continue to grow, but even more importantly I want to see my interaction continue to grow. The more people jumping into the conversation, the better the conversation will be.

How do you feel Linqia can serve your needs?

I feel that Linqia can help provide interesting sponsored content to spark conversations within my community and with my readers.

*For more on Marianna visit her blog at Green Mama’s Pad

About the Opportunity for Communities:

At Linqia we are on a mission to increase the visibility of quality communities like yours among brands. Through Linqia brands engage with your community by providing you valuable content that’s appealing to your community members. We then recognize and reward you for doing so. If you’d like to register your community to the Linqia platform please fill out this simple form.


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