Community Spotlight: Heather of OurKidsMom

There’s much to love about Heather the creator of Our Kids Mom. Heather met her husband as a 16 year old while working at the local mall’s burger joint. Her husband flipped burgers and Heather worked the cash register. The two are still happily married 24 years later. On her blog at OurKidsMom Heather provides engaging stories about her life in western Missouri. She is 3rd grade teacher turned stay at home mom with four children: Ethan (three years old) Emma (four years old), Joshua (fourteen years old) and Kaytlin (nineteen years old). She spends her free time (aka nap time) blogging about her children, sharing an occasional deal and writing about great products she’s had a chance to try. In this community spotlight we hear from Heather about how it makes her day to open an email from a reader who just won a product that they normally could not afford, and much more.

What inspired you to start your community?

I originally started OurKidsMom so that I had a place to post pictures and little tidbits about the kids for our extended family on the west coast. I didn’t start review blogging for nearly six months. One day I stumbled on a Facebook post from one of my favorite bloggers asking for a few more blogs to join a child themed giveaway hop. I answered her via private message and although I had never done anything like it, they graciously invited me to join them. That group of women encouraged me and gave me a few important pieces of advice that helped launch my relationship with brands.

Why is your community meaningful for you?

I have always been a word of mouth opinion sharer. Having the blog to post my opinion as well as photos to substantiate my thoughts has been an enjoyable experience for me. My readers have come to know that I can be brutally honest when need be but I always try to find the good points in everything as well.

What do your members value?

My members value detailed honesty. I do not and will not promote a product or company I cannot stand behind. My members also know that they can find me on a daily basis to chat on OurKidsMom’s Facebook wall.

What has been your experience engaging with brands in the past?

I have been communicating with brands and their reps on a daily basis for the past (almost) two years. I have been very aware of the storytelling I’ve done with Linqia and enjoy sharing the content.

What are your future goals for your community?

I intend to continue with sharing my thoughts through product reviews and sharing the love with giveaways. It truly makes my day to open an email from a reader who just won a product that they normally could not afford, but will genuinely enjoy. I used to enter giveaways on a daily basis and I clearly remember the excitement of a winning email and love that I can do that for my readers.

How do you feel Linqia can serve your needs?

Linqia allows me to share information about brands I believe in with a little kickback for my efforts. To date, my favorites have been Green Works and Dasani because of their efforts to clean and be green.

*You can learn more about Heather on her Facebook Page.

About the Opportunity for Communities:

At Linqia we are on a mission to increase the visibility of quality communities like yours among brands. Through Linqia brands engage with your community by providing you valuable content that’s appealing to your community members. We then recognize and reward you for doing so. If you’d like to register your community to the Linqia platform please fill out this simple form.


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