Community Spotlight: Amanda of Mommy of Two Little Monkeys

Amanda spends her days playing with cars and blocks, changing dirty diapers, kissing boo boos and somewhere and somehow she finds time to shower, get a bite to eat and run her thriving community, Mommy of Two Little Monkeys. She is a loving best friend and wife to her husband and a busy mom to two little children Andrew, age 4 and 20 month old Andrea. Mommy of Two Little Monkey’s is Amanda’s outlet to share both the joys and frustrations of being a parent and to connect with other moms who blog to support each other in the journeys of parenting.


What inspired you to start your community?

Mommy of Two Little Monkeys was created in 2010 shortly after the birth of our little girl, Andrea. There were a lot of challenges to becoming a mom of two children and my blog was a way for me to connect with other moms, to share my experiences, and to document those special moments of life with my two little ones. After connecting with other mom bloggers, I was introduced to the world of blog hops and product reviews. This new venture grew Mommy of Two Little Monkeys into something I never expected.

Why is your community meaningful for you?

The brands that I have developed relationships with are names that have been used in my house for years, and some are new that I have quickly grown to love. My blog has grown a readership that I have connected very closely with. It’s important to me that I can share honest reviews of products that can help make another family’s life easier and more fulfilling.

What do your members value?

My readers are moms, just like me. They know that they can come to my blog and read my reviews of products that I can stand behind.

What has been your experience engaging with brands in the past?

I have been developing relationships with brands since 2010. I have worked with reps by phone and email on a daily basis, we connect to talk about product review ideas, twitter parties, company contests, and more.

What are your future goals for your community?

I never realized that Mommy of Two Little Monkeys would be what it is today. I’m so excited to have a voice that other moms look to when trying to decide on the best products for their family. I plan to continue building my readership and keep sharing product reviews. Giveaways will always be an addition too, they are great to help widen the awareness of a brand and they give my readers an opportunity to try it in their own home before deciding to purchase.

How do you feel Linqia can serve your needs?

Linqia has become a valuable resource that connects me with brands I trust. The content that is shared with my readers is engaging and has helped create a new level of communication with my readers. I appreciate that Linqia recognizes my community efforts and rewards me for engaging with my readers.

*You can learn more about Amanda on her site at Mommy of Two Little Monkeys.

About the Opportunity for Communities:

At Linqia we are on a mission to increase the visibility of quality communities like yours among brands. Through Linqia brands engage with your community by providing you valuable content that’s appealing to your community members. We then recognize and reward you for doing so. If you’d like to register your community to the Linqia platform please fill out this simple form.


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