Community Spotlight: Dinah of DIY Inspired

After absolutely falling in love with blogging for a year and realizing it’s a lot of work, Dinah now calls herself a work from home mom instead of a stay at home mom. She originally decided to stay at home to ensure she didn’t miss those first special moments in her baby girl’s life. While being at home, Dinah decided to blog and share her love of creating, repurposing and decorating. She makes it clear that she is a self-proclaimed cheapskate and not a professional designer, decorator, or writer; but you definitely cannot tell from the creative, wonderful projects she puts together.

What inspired you to start your community?

Deciding that I would stay at home with our daughter was a big decision for my husband and me.  I had spent the last decade as a career woman and the switch was difficult, but rewarding.  The DIY Inspired community was simply an outlet for me to express my creativity.  It gave me the structure, control, and adult social interaction, that I craved being a former business owner and educator.

Why is your community meaningful for you?

DIY Inspired is meaningful to me in several different ways.  It’s a passion and now a brand in which I can completely take full ownership.  The validity of followership and new visitors is enough to keep me going.  I enjoy the emails and comments, the “likes” and shares.  I love that I can promote my beliefs in recycling and reuse in a creative way.  I love that I have the power to “publish” the creative genius of my friends, family, and other people whom I believe in.

What do your members value?

I think, and I am completely speculating, that my members appreciate the brand.  They know that they can visit DIY Inspired as truly a one-stop resource for crafts, party ideas, and DIY tutorials.  I think the emphasis on reuse and recycling is a bonus too.  Repurposing is not a new concept by any means, however the competition is low on the web. Also, my members can always rely on me to reply to comments and emails and answer their questions in a timely manner.

What has been your experience engaging with brands in the past? 

I honestly have had nothing but positive experiences engaging with brands.  If I don’t believe in the product, or if the product does not fit my brand, than I don’t accept it.

What are your future goals for your community? 

I am focused on continuing to publish original and useful content. Now that I have spent the last year on building the community, I’d like to “monetize mommy” without compromising the DIY Inspired brand.  Perhaps an eBook is in my future!

How do you feel Linqia can serve your needs? 

Linqia can definitely aide in the future goals I just mentioned.  That’s honestly why I love being a part of Linqia.  It is a fantastic way for me to earn money, by promoting brands I support in my own light.  The platform allows me to be rewarded for expressing my creativity. How much more could you want?

*You can learn more about Dinah on her DIY Inspired blog.

About the Opportunity for Communities:

At Linqia we are on a mission to increase the visibility of quality communities like yours among brands. Through Linqia brands engage with your community by providing you valuable content that’s appealing to your community members. We then recognize and reward you for doing so. If you’d like to register your community to the Linqia platform please fill out this simple form.

1 comment
  1. Dinah said:

    Thank you so much for featuring me! I am honored to be a part of the Linqia family and look forward to a successful future together!

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