Nothing beats a great story that cracks a long lasting smile and opens the floodgates of warm and fuzzy feelings. Emotionally move your audience and you’ll gain access to a very special place in peoples hearts and minds. You’ll be talked about and thought about for days or months. It’s a reward traditionally only film makers and amateurs have been privy too.

Brands are waking up to the fact that to join the conversation in an authentic way – considering people spend hours online, they have to become magical story tellers. A big shift from a century of being clever sales people.

Here are two great brands who’ve mastered the art of emotional story telling:

Nokia’s Honey Story

Hong Kong is a hive city home to more than 7 million people. It’s here among the high rise apartments that product designer Michael Leung has created his own space bringing nature back into the metropolis one box at a time.

Nike Make It Count

A film shot in 10 days by a couple of ad guys who were commissioned by Nike to make a commercial and instead they spent the budget on this epic adventure.